Vehicle Brain Rejuvenation


Most people don’t think about what’s in the engine compartment of their car or truck—until something goes wrong. Then they are likely to discover that the world under the hood is no longer simply mechanical, but rather a mix of parts that includes a lot of electronics. This complexity puts vehicle owners at risk of being manipulated or not properly informed of maintenance and repair choices.

ARDC addresses the electronic system in your vehicle known as an On-Board Diagnostics (“OBD”) system. It is the OBD system that triggers the “Check Engine” or “Service Engine” warning light on your dashboard. Vehicle and engine manufacturers are mandated by the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 to install this computer-based system on all light-duty vehicles and trucks (as well as heavy-duty engines) built in 1996 and later.

Here’s the problem. OBD systems run on software, just like your home computer, and manufacturers save millions in warranty repairs by updating OBD software to make some repairs without having to replace parts (this is the auto dealer repair shop’s biggest secret). When your vehicle warranty expires, you are on your own when it comes to important OBD upgrades (extended warranties generally do not cover OBD upgrades because of the volume of upgrades), and you are left vulnerable to the potentially costly problems that could stem from lack of OBD maintenance.

ARDC was established to help individuals and fleet owners protect their investment in their vehicles, and avoid costly breakdowns and repairs, by providing critical OBD services. Through software upgrades and data extraction we can:

        • Locate small engine problems before they become big ones
        • Recommend maintenance that will improve fuel efficiency and                          reliability
        • Detect problems in used vehicles to help make buying decisions

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